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Equinix Employee Connection Networks

What is an Equinix Employee Connection Network?

The power of Equinix’s Employee Connection Networks lies in the name—employees brought together in meaningful ways to strengthen the business and the employee experience. EECNs are at both the leading edge and behind-the-scenes advocating, advising, and pushing for accountability and change. They are integral to how Equinix does business and how employees can say, “I’m safe, I belong, and I matter.”  

All our EECNs are employee-led and are created around an identity or community that is underrepresented at Equinix, has faced historical discrimination, or shares unique challenges. Every EECN is open to all employees – including those who identify with the EECN community or are allies – no matter where they are in their journey.

Equinix’s goal of being a company that enriches work, life, and the planet is bolstered by our EECNs. We are grateful for their passion and commitment. 


Our commitment:

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We are committed to building and maintaining a culture where every employee, every day, can confidently say “I’m safe, I belong, and I matter.” In a complex, evolving world, we remain steady on our journey to create a workplace, at all levels, that reflects a rich diversity of thought, experience, culture and backgrounds.

We embed Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) into all business activities with the goal of creating a space where everyone feels that they belong, and diversity thrives. Equinix believes that personal sustainability and career success depend on DIB, and in turn an inclusive workplace generates the greatest innovations and strongest business outcomes. Learn more.





Expand | Elevate | Empower                                                           

The mission of BlackConnect is to increase Equinix's inclusion, innovation, and impact by expanding, empowering, and elevating Black employees and allies around the globe. 

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Educate | Empower | Embrace

Equinix ConnectAbilities seeks to foster an inclusive environment for colleagues of all abilities. They empower the disability, chronic illness, neurodivergent, and caregiver communities to realize their full potential by advocating to remove barriers while supporting creative new approaches to work.​

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Invite | Learn | Respect

FaithConnect’s mission is to inspire a culture of learning and respect for all faiths, non-faiths and worldviews in the workplace. Through educational events and initiatives, FaithConnect strives to lay a foundation of belonging and holistic wellbeing at Equinix. By celebrating spiritual diversity, employees can bring their whole authentic self to work—faith, non-faith, worldviews and all.

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Encourage | Develop | Enhance

GenteConnect​ exists to promote Hispanic and Latino languages, culture, and heritage and has a mission to increase the diversity, inclusion, innovation, and business impact of Equinix by expanding, empowering, and elevating Latino/Hispanic employees alongside allies around the globe. 

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Inspire | Celebrate | Elevate

interASIANconnect’s mission is to unite the experiences, perspectives and voices of employees who identify as being a part of the pan-Asian (East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Middle East) and Pacific Islander diaspora and allies, at Equinix, to inspire community outreach and personal growth, celebrate cultural diversity & inclusion, and elevate leaders for career development and advancement to further the business impact and reach of Equinix.

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Engage | Advocate | Partner

Equinix PrideConnect creates a supportive, positive space for dialogue, learning and allyship. Our goal is to bring people together to connect, have conversations and learn from each other and to ensure that Equinix is a leading employer for the LGBTQ community.



Belong | Unite | Empower

VetConnect’s mission is to create a space for those with military ties to feel safe and belong while uniting resources for the continued empowerment and improvement through all functions, whether personally or professionally.

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Promote | Connect | Empower

The Equinix Women Leaders Network (EWLN) is a network of women pursuing growth, visibility and opportunities to increase business impact.

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Belong | Invest | Develop

YoungProfessionalConnect’s aim is to create an inclusive culture where those new to career feel they belong to a global community. All ages are encouraged to join, and through generational diversity, they aim to create a platform where young professionals and allies can broaden their networks and invest in their career development at Equinix.

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Fraudulent Employment Offers: Equinix is aware of scams that involve posting fake Equinix job listings on third-party sites. Responding applicants are corresponded with primarily over email and/or chat applications like Skype by people impersonating Equinix employees. Eventually a fake offer letter is sent in exchange for personal identification information as part of a fake new-hire screening process.

Please be advised that these offers, communications and impersonations are illegitimate and fraudulent. All communication with Equinix employees come from an “” email address. Equinix job applicants follow a thorough interview process including in-person meetings and phone calls. Our application process also requires you to create an account on, where you can review completed applications. 

Equinix will never ask for your social security information during the interview process or ask you to pay money or purchase equipment. If you have received a message from Equinix that appears suspicious, please contact