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Building a high performance sales team

Marianne van Duin, Senior Director, Sales

If you ask me, the sales culture is a fuzzy concept. You can't measure your team's culture like I would measure their monthly revenue, call, meeting activity, average tenure, etc. But that doesn't mean it's not essential. At Equinix, our culture is important. We call it the magic of Equinix. The Magic of Equinix is built on a set of uncompromising values that put the customer at the center of everything we do. Our culture is one of inclusivity, innovation, and ambition. 

I started with Equinix in January 2020 as the Senior Sales Director to lead EMEA Sales Team for the Growth and Emerging Markets (GEM) and help customers around the world develop their digital transformation strategy. Coming to my first anniversary here at Equinix, I can tell you this Magic of Equinix is unique and makes Equinix a special place to work in and makes me smile every day when I interact with my team and our customers. At Equinix, we are #inservice to our customers and each other. I'm blessed to be surrounded by talented and hardworking peers and leaders within the organization.

What should we consider when driving a sales culture that brings out the best in the sales team? 

Create a healthy competition

Tracking the success and progress of yearly and quarterly goals is vital in my sales team. We have introduced the GEM Equinix wall of fame and highlight the individuals who have achieved and overachieved quarterly revenue targets. It is always exciting and inspiring to see the wall of fame growing with sales reps making it on our wall of fame. 

Be agile and shift gears

Be committed to set clear goals and expectations and provide timely feedback (quarterly conversations are great) on the performance about what works and what needs improvement. The ability to quickly identify problems in the sales process and adjust as needed is critical to my sales team's success. Don't wait too long if you see gaps that need attention. 

Work smarter, not harder

We are very data-driven within the sales organization. We can measure every activity and quantify the value of our activities on the growth of the business. We also use data to drive better customer and partner experience, impacting the growth of their businesses.

"Manage the middle"

"Manage the middle" to influence change is not a new concept. The ends comprise top performers who will always find ways to continue their success and bottom performers who need to shape up. It's not to say that my best doesn't need coaching or that the bottom can't be saved — to the contrary, I believe strongly that both are true. However, to have the most significant impact, I would say focus on the middle, as they can help me to grow the fastest in the organization. With communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, trust is built within the team and the organization to work towards a common goal. Team members are empowered to learn and develop themselves as they know that they are accountable for their share.

As sales professionals, we have the power to create connections between consumers, partners, and the organization. When these connections happen, and we see their impact, it inspires us to deliver greater value to our customers. 

 What are you doing to build a motivated sales team and deliver impact to your customers and the business? Let's connect. 

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