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About Career Pathways

If you are talented, have a great attitude and want to help drive success, we want to meet you!

Our Career Pathways Program drives company growth through diversification, bridging the gap between underrepresented communities and equitable job opportunities Through this initiative, we empower our employees to create an environment where a diverse team of people can come together, thrive and do their best work. 


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Are you ready to re-enter the workforce after taking a break? Maybe you took off some time to care for your family or pursue education? Consider relaunching your career with Equinix. 


Career transition 

At Equinix, you do not necessarily need a high-tech background. In many cases, the skills you have gained in another industry are exactly what we are looking for. Interested in transitioning your career? Find out more.



Are you a veteran or married to one? Then Equinix has opportunities for you. Individuals with military backgrounds bring a unique brand of dedication and team spirit, and we are committed to providing you a smooth transition. Learn more here.

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Fraudulent Employment Offers: Equinix is aware of scams that involve posting fake Equinix job listings on third-party sites. Responding applicants are corresponded with primarily over email and/or chat applications like Skype by people impersonating Equinix employees. Eventually a fake offer letter is sent in exchange for personal identification information as part of a fake new-hire screening process.

Please be advised that these offers, communications and impersonations are illegitimate and fraudulent. All communication with Equinix employees come from an “” email address. Equinix job applicants follow a thorough interview process including in-person meetings and phone calls. Our application process also requires you to create an account on, where you can review completed applications. 

Equinix will never ask for your social security information during the interview process or ask you to pay money or purchase equipment. If you have received a message from Equinix that appears suspicious, please contact