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Equinix Launches Career Transition Program

Esme Heaps

While pivoting your career in the middle of a pandemic is certainly a bold move, for many it is an unfortunate reality. A great deal of industries have taken a huge economic hit, with furlough and redundancies commonplace, so skilled engineers are looking outside of their own sectors to try and continue developing their careers.

But often this can involve taking a step backwards to take a step forwards, which at an already challenging time, is unlikely to be desirable or even feasible. To meet this need, Equinix has built and launched a Career Transition Programme, which enables skilled engineers in a wide variety of industries to transfer their skills directly into a data centre engineering role at a similar level, following a short training course.

Equinix, the global leader in data centres and interconnection, is still recruiting a high volume of engineers both in the UK and across the globe, having continued to grow throughout 2020.

The Career Transition Programme was designed to support people who have been impacted by the current global pandemic, while as a business we benefit from the skills, experience and knowledge that talent from outside the data centre industry brings, as well as being able to diversify our workforce.

“At Equinix we are committed to ensuring diversity across our teams and wanted to combine this with the opportunity to make an impact and bring people back to the workplace,” said Kelly Kayser, Director of Talent Acquisition Programmes.

“The initial motivation behind building the program stemmed from the need to meet the high growth demands of the Equinix team,” said Esme Heaps, Director of Talent Acquisition for Europe. “With the current pandemic and impact on industries globally the program focus evolved as we realised that we are able to create real opportunity for those facing redundancy across adjacent sectors such as Aviation, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing, whilst driving diversity across our teams.”

We welcome applications from engineers with experience in any sector. The first two weeks of employment will be dedicated to a formal training programme, learning about data centres and how existing skills can be used within a new environment. This will be conducted alongside our usual induction process.

You can apply for a role via our Career Transition Programme here.

Publié par Esme Heaps le mars 11, 2021

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