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From a fruitful internship to an exciting career in data center operations

Yajing Quan, Facility Engineer, IBX Operations

What are you working on? 

I’m a facility engineer at the SG3 Singapore IBX data center. There, we work on planning and implementing facility maintenance, site administration, responding to customer work requests, incident management and infrastructure project management.

What’s a normal day like?

I start off the day by checking emails and the daily schedule. This allows me to draft the day’s to-do list and manage my time accordingly. In the morning I reply to urgent customer requests and start working on top-priority tasks. 

After lunch, I go on a site walk and check on ongoing projects and maintenance progress, ensuring that the working environment is safe and follows Standard Operating Procedure. I also keep alert for any abnormalities or alarms that need immediate attention. The rest of the time I work on data gathering, engineering script writing and [AE1] report writing.

What made you decide to join Equinix?

I joined Equinix as an intern in 2016. During my 22-week internship, I really enjoyed my time with the team as well as the company culture and work environment.  I also joined Equinix because I was interested in pursuing a career in electrical engineering and within the energy management field.  

What skills did you gain from your internship?

I learned how to communicate effectively and professionally while working with the team to efficiently solve all kinds of emergency problems and also provide excellent customer service. I was also able to apply the skills and knowledge I learned in school. A professional working attitude, punctuality and always being ready to get the job done are other important skills I learned. 

What was your most memorable/rewarding experience at Equinix?

I really enjoyed the wellness activities such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge run, tree plantings and orphanage visits. These activities really helped me to get to know people from different departments and to integrate into the team quickly. 

How have you developed since joining Equinix?

I have worked as a facility technician for almost three years and as a facility engineer for a year and a half. In these positions, I have gained experience in maintaining and monitoring electrical and mechanical systems such as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and generator, cooling and building monitoring systems. Through planning preventative maintenance, I became familiar with these systems’ maintenance scopes while also dealing with outside vendors, getting quotes and negotiating contracts. I also gained experience using tools like PowerPoint, Word and Excel for data analysis, data trending, report generation and presentations. 

I have also been able to keep my audit certifications current (including SS564, SS507 and SSAE18) and also helped the data center achieve Green Mark re-certification. 

How is your and your team’s work making an impact?

We work together to provide 99.999% system availability, achieve operational excellence and provide outstanding customer service. 

We also aim to ensure monitoring and reporting functions for Equinix's essential systems 24/7/365, and to ensure that the IBX equipment and environment are maintained to the highest standards. 

What is the team’s culture like?

The Facilities team cares for, supports and respects each other. Team members always share their experience and knowledge with one another, and we openly collaborate and communicate on the challenges we face together. 

What advice would you give to juniors keen to join Equinix for an internship or a full-time role?

During your internship or full-time position here, I encourage you to work with your team closely and make connections with your team members. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Show your enthusiasm to learn and grow, and be confident!

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Publicado por Yajing Quan, Facility Engineer, IBX Operations el sep 27, 2021

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