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Equinix is hiring in India!

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Experiment with your big idea

Join a company with 70+ consecutive quarters of innovation-fueled growth. Surrounded by cutting-edge thinkers and ample opportunities to sharpen your skills, you will be able to challenge the status quo and make bold decisions that drive us forward. 

Equinix helps the world’s digital leaders scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences and transform people’s lives. Through 220+ data centers on five continents, we enable our customers to access all the right places, partners and possibilities they need to accelerate advantage. 

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Transform the world's (and our) digital future

As part of the world’s digital infrastructure company, you will make meaningful change and drive the next era of the digital revolution. 

To empower our global customers to achieve their greatest ambitions, we need you to help build products based on modern technology stacks, cloud, microservices architectures and micro frontends. 


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Your work matters because you matter

Unlock your full professional and personal potential at Equinix. We work to improve where bias and barriers exists, cultivating and celebrating both determination and breakthroughs. 

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How Equinix Seamlessly Turned-On Remote Working During COVID-19

The author and motivational speaker Dennis Waitley is famous for saying, “Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised.” At Equinix, we put these words into...

Posted by Greg Ogle VP, Global IT Infrastructure

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Connected India: Accelerating Digital Business in an Exciting New Market

What our latest acquisition means for those looking to access and expand in the world’s fifth-largest economy  Equinix has always focused on expanding its global footprint to match the needs...

Posted by Jeremy Deutsch, President - Asia Pacific at Equinix

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Life at Equinix: We are on a mission to connect the world!

I joined Equinix in Nov 2010 at our Sunnyvale, California office. As I continued to learn about Equinix's core business model and its ability to connect the world with its...

Posted by Ramchandra Koty, Director of Engineering

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Thrive, in work and in life

Your health

Equinix employees receive excellent health care and counseling plans that vary by country to ensure the well-being of you and your family. We offer paid vacations and holidays and encourage community involvement year-round via volunteer opportunities.

Your family

Spending time with your loved ones and taking care of your family are important. Equinix provides a range of programs that ensure you have the resources needed to thrive and manage your family’s needs.

Your future

As a global company, we offer country-specific programs to help you build your financial security, make charitable donations and seek additional education. In many nations we also offer flexible employee stock purchase plans.

Scale your career with Equinix!

Are you looking to drive a meaningful change in the digital world? Check out current opportunities at Equinix and find out how you can enable the largest, most active global ecosystem of nearly 10,000 companies.


Corporate Development Senior Manager

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Corporate Development Senior ManagerWho are we?Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company, operating 200+ data centers across the globe and providing interconnections to all the key clouds and networks. Businesses need one place to simp...

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