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Equinix Referral Program

Know someone who would be a great
addition to Equinix? Refer them here!

The Equinix family is growing!

As a member of our Equinix Employee Connection Networks, you are important in helping us connect with talented people who can enrich our experience and grow our business success. We have created a pilot EECN Red Carpet Referral program to make the referral process faster, easier and higher touch for your candidate referrals. With improved engagement and communication, we hope to learn how to better the employee referral program at Equinix moving forward. At this time, this program is partnering with our BlackConnect and GenteConnect US employees to provide a pilot process for referring people to Equinix. Thank you for your engagement, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing our outcomes.


Here is the process for our EECN Equinix Employee Referral Pilot Program: 

  1. When you have someone to refer to Equinix, be sure to have their resume / CV and follow the process below.

  2. Your candidate referral will receive an introductory email from a recruiter to set up a meeting.

  3. An Equinix recruiter will meet with the candidate referral and discuss current job openings and how to stay connected to Equinix for future opportunities.

  4. If your candidate applies:
    • Candidate should put your name in the application process prompt “I know someone at Equinix”
    • The recruiter will also confirm when your name is associated with this candidate referral in the application

  5. If your candidate doesn’t find a job match for application now:
    • The candidate is part of a Talent Community and will be continually engaged by Equinix
    • They will be part of a process that matches candidates to new job posts and recommends jobs via “job alerts”

  6. Employee referral bonus process:
    • All eligible employees will receive a referral bonus once their candidate has begun employment at Equinix
    • Bonus is paid in the next available pay cycle
    • For eligibility details – click here

All regular Equinix employees are eligible to receive a referral bonus with the following exceptions:

  • Vice presidents/executive team members
  • Human resources staff
  • Temporary workers, contractors, consultants, interns
  • The hiring manager responsible for the new hire and his/her management chain
  • Anyone who is in the position to directly influence the hiring decision (for example, a member of the interview team)

Not You?

Thank you! We will be in touch with your referral shortly. If they add you as their referrer on any Thank you! We will be in touch with your referral shortly. Please inform your referral to check their spam folder if they don't receive anything!

Hear from our employees:

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