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Why you should consider a partner marketing career with Equinix

Cindy Liu, Director, Partner Marketing

Partner marketing is a crucial part of our strategy, and we’re just getting started. Join us! 

Who is Equinix?   

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company™. We interconnect 10,000+ customers from industry-leading organizations in finance, manufacturing, mobility, transportation, government, healthcare and education across a cloud-first world with 2,000+ networks and approximately 3,000 cloud and IT companies. 

Thousands of leading enterprises contribute to thriving and dynamic ecosystems on Platform Equinix®, where a global footprint of data centers that provides service providers, partners and customers proximity to one another. As organizations transform their infrastructures with speed and efficiency, the clearest path to success for them is via this partner ecosystem where opportunities for exciting new business models abound.

In 2021, we celebrated our 76th consecutive quarter of growth. Our continued momentum has propelled Equinix to a place on the Fortune 500 list, and we declared our commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2030, in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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What is interconnection?

Interconnection is direct, private traffic exchange between two or more parties, inside a carrier-neutral colocation data center, where distributed IT infrastructure components can be assembled. In an age when reams of information race around the world with the click of a finger and massive transactions routinely occur several times faster than the blink of an eye, interconnection is the engine that powers digital business. Read more about this topic here.


How does a company like Equinix grow our revenue 76 quarters in a row?

At Equinix we understand that partners are at the center of this winning streak. During our fourth quarter 2021 earnings call, our CEO said, “We have line of sight for channels to grow to 50% of our bookings in the coming years, as we enhance our systems and processes, and leverage our diverse set of partners to scale our reach.” Our sales team, and indeed, all of us, understand that “Equinix plus two partners equals a deal.” It’s a particularly effective approach that we call the “Power of Three.” 

Equinix is an ecosystem company, through and through. We’ve spent 20 years building up connections (physical, virtual and otherwise) with the thousands of networks that make our digital world flow, from clouds and enterprises to wireless and wireline carriers. 

In addition, we’re fortunate to be a trusted provider for nearly 10,000 customers who put digital capabilities at the center of their own businesses. This is all part of our mission to help digital leaders interconnect to the people, places and possibilities they need to succeed.  

As we continue to grow our network and customer ecosystems, we are also focused on nurturing our relationships with two additional ecosystems: specialized hardware and the wild world of software.

The power of partner marketing at Equinix

Clearly, partner marketing roles are crucial to the success of our organisation. As we look for new ways to market our offerings to our target audience of ideal customers, we need experienced and passionate partner marketing talent to team up with partners who can bring their own services and competencies into an appropriate solution for customers, create marketing campaigns that promote Power of Three joint solutions on specific promotional channels.

If you are a team player who enjoys applying the latest digital trends, analysing data and finding creative ways to help our partners market Equinix and their joint solutions, consider pursuing a partner marketing career with us. 

You’ll get to work with ecosystem partners like Network Service Providers, System Integrators and Managed Services Providers to plan, manage and execute Power of Three joint solutions with technology alliance partners the likes of Cisco and Dell, as well as strategic alliance partners including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle, to name a few.

We empower your success

Here are our top tips for someone looking to join the team.

  • Be empowered to own your success - use your strategic thinking, analytical skills and creativity from start to finish when working on partner marketing plans and execution.
  • Bring everything you ever wanted to do here - we love big ideas and you will not be limited to what you can achieve.
  • Be a team player - you will have an entire team of awesomeness behind you to support and cheer you along the way and across the globe as we work with team members in-region and globally.
  • Have a growth mindset - be ready to work with the best of the best and be humble to learn from others as we want all of our team members to be stars.

Visit our career site today to explore your options, and check out the Magic of Equinix while you’re at it. 

Posted by Cindy Liu, Director, Partner Marketing on Apr 26, 2022

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