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Navigating that promotion

Leanne Starace, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales

If you are captivated by the seat you aspire to sit in, consider these three pointers:

Be good at your job and be your own advocate

You have control on your performance, on what you do every day. Aspire to be the absolute best at it, and then go further. Do more than the requirements of your job description. To earn that promotion, focus on areas that create value for the company. How are you delivering greater impact? Remember you are in the driver's seat of your career- make sure those impacts are socialized amongst your own development. 

Build your brand

Second, focus on your professional brand; what you are you known for? How are you perceived professionally? What character traits do you think colleagues associate with you? Think about how you want to be regarded and then, show up authentically. Lean on your strengths- they will never steer you wrong!

Cultivate your network

Sponsorships and endorsements are critical. Given job performance and a solid professional brand, you will want to leverage your network of people who will also advocate for your growth. Cultivate your network with as much enthusiasm as you do in your career discipline. Invest your time in this every week, whether internally or externally to Equinix. Make sure you have people who are willing to sponsor and endorse you when you’re ready to move into a different role.

Posted by Leanne Starace, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales on Feb 17, 2022

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