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Life at Equinix: Culture matters

Emrah Köymen, Senior Account Executive, Field Sales

This month, we caught up with a Sales organization new hire, Emrah Koymen. Emrah joined Equinix in May 2021 as a Senior Account Executive, Field Sales with the Enterprise team in Germany. We talked to Emrah about his work, his motivation for joining Equinix and tips for those new to the organization.  

What makes you happy and excited about your work? 

Sales is a team sport, especially in the enterprise segment. Success and failure are determined by how professionally you work together, but also how much fun you have doing it. As a part of Generation Y, it's important to me that, despite all the stress, the fun of working with colleagues is not lost and that the team concept always comes first, along with the customer.

How are the products your team is selling helping to make an impact?

We help companies achieve their digital transformation goals with our platform. With the Equinix platform, we help companies improve their digital user experience. Platform Equinix® is where digital leaders bring together right places, partners and possibilities to create the foundational infrastructure they need to succeed.

You did things differently when connecting with others during the pandemic. Tell us how that was for you. 

Everything became a little different during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, you had the opportunity to introduce yourself to every colleague in person. Now, I try to get to know all my colleagues at least virtually and exchange best practices about our work.

What made you choose to join Equinix over other companies? 

After 10 years of sales in different companies, the culture at an organization has become particularly important to me. We spend most of our lives at work. That makes it even more important to find the right employer that has values you can identify with and that fits you. From the first conversations with my managers, I always had the feeling that company values were not just empty words but were lived. 

What did you see at Equinix that you didn’t see at other companies? 

That values are not just empty words.

How have you been prepared for your role at Equinix? Tell us more about your first week at work, the sales onboarding process, etc?

Onboarding during the pandemic is special as everything is virtual. I started with the “Discover Equinix” onboarding program that provided me with resources to learn and understand the company’s values and strategies, and to reflect on them. I’m also supported with a 30-day kit on sales processes, programs, tools and analytics to help me quickly contribute positively to the Sales organization. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a team of colleagues who were extremely helpful in speeding up my learning curve with trainings.

How would you describe the culture within your team? 

Open, honest, transparent and helpful. Here, you really are part of a team.

What would be your top tip for someone who is interested in joining Equinix? How does someone stand out in the interview? 

It is very important, from a customer experience perspective, to understand goals and roles in the company. You need to be able to advise customers based on their values as they achieve their digital transformation goals with our support. 

It is also important for candidates to understand and demonstrate how they might add value to our culture, which values honesty, integrity and transparency— all exemplified within the company. 


Posted by Emrah Köymen, Senior Account Executive, Field Sales on Jun 24, 2021

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