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“I believe in work-life Jenga”

Leanne Starace, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales

Equinix Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales, Leanne Starace, shares her career journey, how she balances work and family during the pandemic (and as we emerge from it), and tips for anyone looking to join Equinix.

What drew you to Equinix?

The culture at Equinix is incredibly collaborative and exceptionally high energy. It’s a place with an entrepreneurial spirit, where team members are fiercely dedicated to helping each other and collectively helping customers and the company be as successful as possible. There’s also a tremendous team spirit here. It’s a respectful and inclusive culture. Team members are incredibly generous. There’s also great diversity at Equinix and, for me, that was magnetic as I considered the next step of my career journey.

What’s a day in life for you?

We have global roles, which require us to be flexible in terms of when our days begin and end. With different time zones and with people and clients from all over the world, the days are packed with customer meetings, internal meetings and various events, which are a privilege to attend. The remainder of the day is spent wrapping up work and picking up children. We have the flexibility, certainly, to do that. I attend sporting events, run errands and then return online for a bit after the dinner hour to check in with business in Asia, for example. It’s not typical for everyone, but having flexibility and fluidity depending on your location and role makes a difference.

How do you integrate work and family during this pandemic?

I think about it fluidly, like a work-life Jenga, if you will. Some days are great, and some are chaotic. You learn to prioritize and say no when necessary. It’s hard, as I like to say yes. I want to be involved in everything, whether personally or professionally. Think about how you want to allocate your time. I organize myself with calendar reminders and Post-its. You also need a robust support system to help you achieve the bounce. For example, can someone else pick up your child if you’re running late? I feel inspired and energized, optimistic and curious, and also exceedingly grateful to work at Equinix. I have wonderful things in my life that propel me forward as an individual and as a leader.

Tips for someone looking to apply for jobs

My top advice to women would be to read job descriptions as suggestions. I absolutely don’t take them literally. Think about the unique value you can create and the brilliance you have, and how you can bring positive change to an organization. Go for the role that you’re interested in, and let someone else tell you no. Don’t tell yourself no. Never tell yourself no. 

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Posted by Leanne Starace, Senior Vice President, Global Technical Sales on Aug 13, 2021

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