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Power of helping other women

Jules Johnston, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales

Jules Johnston, Senior Vice President of Global Channel Sales; sharing her thoughts on what it means to "Pay it Forward"

It starts with the culture

Inclusivity and support for all employees are core elements of the Equinix culture. As a result, we have formed several Employee Connection Network Groups, including the Equinix Women Leadership Network. This group nurtures employee development through education, sponsorship and advocacy. Regardless the stage of your career, networks like this can be incredibly valuable; providing both directional markers and ongoing encouragement.

The leaders at Equinix champion a woman's advancement. Equinix is committed to equal opportunities for all genders and this belief is evident in our recruitment efforts.  It is also evident when you look at the amount of senior leaders at Equinix who are female; if you’re looking for role models, we have several that will knock your socks off! 

Being the connector

In recent years, I’ve made a concerted effort to try to be a connector for women at work; I try and help them build community, particularly our new team members. By introducing talented female teammates to people outside our Global Channel Team, in varying departments, these women are quickly able to establish and grow their own networks within Equinix; they benefit from one another’s experiences.

I pay attention to group dynamics; if someone isn't participating as much as they could during our meetings, I wonder, "What is preventing this person from contributing freely?", "Do the not feel comfortable sharing their perspectives?" Through outreach and understanding, I strive to provide support and encouragement so they share their thoughts...more often than not, their ideas are far better than they realize!

Differentiate yourself by doing more

If the leadership path is one of interest, then it’s an area you should further develop -- study and expose yourself to key principles on that topic. Find a trusted mentor who can support your development. Volunteer for projects that allow you to practice those skills and have the opportunity to build a new muscle. Cross-functional stretch projects are an amazing way to obtain hands-on leadership experience as well.

Differentiate yourself by not only doing what is required but 'going above and beyond'. Consider contributing to projects that others might be reluctant to take on themselves ; think about how you might make an impact!  Can you find a way to improve processes when not specifically asked to do so? Can you empower others to help unlock their full potential? Take ownership of challenges by finding solutions; this is a great way to define yourself as someone who returns energy to the system; it can be incredibly satisfying personally and professionally.

 Most important point yet? Don't wait for a promotion to show your stuff. You never know when you’ll be in the spotlight, so start shining now!

Do you want to be a part of this type of supportive environment; a place where you and your ideas matter, then view our open roles today!

Posted by Jules Johnston, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Sales on Apr 25, 2022

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